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Vantillu Management

Welcomes you to an authentic Indian dining experience.

Who we are!

We have a passion for good and simple food. We were born and brought up in rural villages in India, where every meal of the day is freshly made using ingredients grown in local fields.

So, Why Vantillu?

Where every meal of the day is freshly made using ingredients grown in local fields. Even today all spices used in Vantillu are grown in fields in Telangana, then carefully processed to perfection to make the best home style curry – just as we like it. We have gained great wealth of Food and Restaurant management skills. Vantillu is well presented restaurant with stone walls. You’ll find cheerful and well attentive staff to exceed your dining expectations. Much attention is paid to the small details. Service is friendly yet professional dishes are prepared and plated with care and attention. Our premise is kept clean and inviting. We believe these small things make a difference and we invite you to experience this for yourself. Vantillu has become a known brand, recognized for its innovation and price value. We compete in new markets, where opportunities are growing. We are tough on quality and strong on personality. Our tasty meals are appreciated by clients for their amazing flavor and spice. Moreover, our dishes are available at most affordable rates. Sit, relax and enjoy while our master chef cooks you the most delicious cuisine your taste buds desires End of the decade-we will definitely make our presence felt in other areas.

Welcome to an authentic Indian dining experience!

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